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August 2007 Litter

Last updated: 23:31 8/15/2007

Thanks to everyone that helped spread the word about the pups.

AKC Name: Little Girl Keeta Ohman
AKC #SN93069702 - Golden Retriever
Owner: Nancy Ohman
Date Of Birth, Keeta: 12/04/2002
Keeta's Pedigree can be viewed at: k9data.com

Sire: Ringo
AKC Name: Redstar's Rockstar of Lacrosse
AKC #SN87345604 - Golden Retriever
Owner: Dave Teasdale
Ringo's Pedigree can be viewed at: k9data.com

Date Of Birth, Litter: 08/11/2007
A note about Nina's size
Nina is from Keeta's 2005-12 litter, she has turned out to be one of the smallest as an adult at about 52 lbs. By comparison, Keeta is usually 70 to 75 lbs. The first litter, as adults, are in this 70 to 80 lb. range with the heaviest at about 95 lbs. Since Nina was one of the biggest femals pups, be advised that puppy size is only a suggestion for probable adult size.

(Recycled from the 2005-12 webpage)
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