Domain Name Hosting Information

Hosting and Domain Registration Information

Register your website, $20.00 per year (.com, .org, .biz, .net), other domains may be more.
Host your website, for $180.00 per year ($15/month).
Initial Setup fee - $35
Three page web design cost - $200
Search engine optimization and submittal - $200
3 basic e-mail accounts included, $1.00 per month for each additional account.
E-mail only hosting without website, $10.00 per month.
Website only hosting without email, $10.00 per month.

Registration Agreement

Prior to creating a Website, please review the Registration Agreement, sign and return it to us.

Email Expiration Notices

The method used to deliver pre- and post-expiration notifications is via email to the owner of the domain name (website). These emails will be delivered automatically by OpenSRS, the registrar, 30 and 5 days prior to the renewal date and 3 days after renewal if the domain name has not been renewed.

Post-Expiration Renewal

In the event a domain name has expired, we reserve the right to charge a restore fee of $10.00.

Sample Small Business Scenerio:

A small business looking to set up a simple 3 page website and have 2 email accounts:

Set up costs:
Domain Name, first year fee $20.00
Hosting $180 a year
Server Setup and configuration, $35.00
Create basic 3 page website, $200.00 (Home page, Who we are, What we do)
Search engine submittal and optimization for the Milwaukee area $200
Anti-Spam subscription, $84.00 annual cost ($3.50 per email account per month)

Recurring Costs:
Domain Name, $20.00 per year
Website with email, $180.00 per year
Anti-Spam subscription, $84.00 annual cost
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